Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Payment Policies and Procedures

The center operates primarily on tuition fees from each child. Therefore, it is essential that your fees be paid on time. Advantage Early Learning Center provides the convenience of Tuition Express automatic billing system. If your payment is not received for any reason on Friday before the next weeks care you will be charged $20 late fee per day that it is not paid. If the center is closed, you are still required to make payment and that can be done at If your child is absent, the fee is still due in full. Advantage Early Learning Center is not able to provide refunds for any reason.

Admission Policy

We do not require a deposit, and our registration fee/annual fee is $50 for 1, $75 for 2 or more, and is due every April. This rate is prorated based on when families enroll. We also do not charge a supply fee at this time. We DO charge as $75 field trip fee for our school agers on 6/1.

Weekly Tuition Schedule

AGE Infant Room- 6 wk to 12mo. Toddler Room – 12 to 36 mo. Preschool Room – 3 years to KG
5 days $297.00 $285.00 $258.00
4 days $285.00 $257.00 $237.00
3 days $250.00 $216.00 $203.00
2 days $189.00 $161.00 $158.00
AGE Kindergarten School Aged-b & a* School Aged b or a ** School Aged
5 days $202.00 $142.00 $96.00 $261.00
4 days $189.00 $123.00 $84.00 $239.00
3 days $158.00 $108.00 $66.00 $207.00
2 days $124.00 $78.00 $52.00 $159.00

*School aged – b and a: No school days: $20/day.

**School aged – b or a: No school days: $30.00/day.

Annual registration fee: $50/1 child or $75/family. Non-refundable, due each year on April 1.

Family Discount: 10% off oldest child.

Late pick-up fee: $5.00/minute after closing time.

School age Child find fee: $20 if child is not on bus or at school for Advantage pick up without prior notice.

Hold fee: 1/2 tuition (after 6 months consecutive enrollment; 4 week minimum, 12 week maximum).

No refunds given if child does not attend scheduled days. This includes anything COVID related.

Advantage Early Learning Center reserves the right to increase any and all fees at any time.